Patrick Mullen, owner and artist of Fire River Art Glass has had a love affair with glass most of his life. Born in Ohio, Patrick came to California in the mid 70's and started his glass career with the art of stained glass. Looking for a more unique and creative style to add to his stained glass pieces, Patrick began to explore the world of hot glass. 

In 1995 he moved to Sacramento to open his own studio-Fire River Art Glass. Patrick's work has grown in scale and quality. and he has been creating exceptional art glass ever since. His work has grown in scale as well as quality and his use of traditional forms and colors is well supported by his meticulous execution and an insistence on using only the highest quality raw materials. His passion is creating one-of-a-kind art glass. His work has been recognized in numerous juried shows and can be found in many respected galleries throughout the United States. 

Our Story

Patrick works with Linnea Wong (Design with Fire), in his studio, Fire River Art Glass, in West Sacramento, California. His work has been featured in numerous juried shows and galleries. Patrick has taught many workshops in contemporary glass techniques, including a one month-long workshop in the Hawaiian Islands. Currently, Patrick and Linnea teach group and individual glass blowing classes, as well as providing studio rentals. 


Come explore the wonderful world of glass...